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Proudly show off your Weed Be Better Off style with this original circle logo shirt. Spread good vibes and flaunt our awesome brand with this collection.


As more U.S. states move toward
cannabis legalization, the closer
we get to full legalization on the
federal level. We are getting more
support now more than ever.

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Weed Be Better Off is a lifestyle cannabis
apparel brand that is focused on
promoting the legalization of cannabis
throughout the United States. We are making
a name in the apparel industry by presenting
products of exceptional style and quality.

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People and Celebrities

People and Celebrities

Weed Be Better Off has made such amazing friends in its journey to success. We have Tommy Chong, The Godfather, Sinbad, Mike Tyson and so many great people who have shown their support to our brand and mission.

Cannabis Lifestyle

Weed Be Better Off is a brand, and a lifestyle that is making a statement in the apparel industry and cannabis debate. We want to stimulate a conversation nationwide and beyond. We are here to spread the message of cannabis advocacy state to state, promoting the legalization of cannabis and creating a brand that is an expression of personal freedom.
Cannabis Lifestyle


Weed Be Better Off was created with the idea of starting a lifestyle brand dedicated to the advocacy and legalization of the cannabis and hemp plant. This idea is an extension of the lifestyle Jim Bergan, founder of Weed Be Better Off, chose to pursue. 

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