Cannabis Lifestyle

Cannabis Lifestyle

Weed Be Better Off is a lifestyle brand created to stimulate a discussion on the federal legalization of cannabis and hemp.
Many people still sit in the prison system for minor non violent cannabis offenses, while other states are in full recreational legalization.

Patents with existing conditions in illegal states cannot treat their symptoms with cannabis, while others a few miles away in other states can. That’s not fair or sensible.

We want to stimulate a conversation nationwide and beyond. We are here to spread the message of cannabis advocacy state to state, promoting the legalization of cannabis and creating a brand that is an expression of personal freedom. Weed Be Better Off with full federal legalization!


Weed Be Better Off:

• Without over 500,000 non-violent drug arrests each year.

• Taking care of our veterans.

• Federally legalizing the cannabis plant.

• Understanding that this plant is medicine.
• Using the cannabis plant to get people off of opiates, heroin, etc.