Jim Bergan

Jim Bergan

Jim Bergan

Owner/Founder Weed Be Better Off

Cross Country Wellness

I created Weed Be Better Off with the idea of starting a lifestyle brand dedicated to the advocacy and legalization of the cannabis and hemp plant. This idea was created or is an extension of the lifestyle I choose to pursue. 

The WBBO clothing line is beloved by the cannabis community and beyond. Look for it in a store near you!   

What is your cannabis story?

The WBBO clothing line is beloved by the cannabis community and beyond. Look for it in a store near you!   

I was a semi-successful college athlete, and after my college years became a professional golfer. As I look back, I realize that the NCAA and PGA were some of the most unfriendly, and undereducated organizations when it came to cannabis. Therefore, I started working for myself.  

I was invited to the “legal” cannabis and hemp industry in 2014 and worked at one of the largest fully integrated cannabis companies in the state of Nevada. 

I took my experience in Northern California or “The Emerald Triangle” where I operated and managed a large outdoor cannabis cultivation.  

I now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada and have partnered to also form the Cross Country Wellness Company.

I have dedicated a great deal of time educating others on the benefits of the cannabis and hemp plant and will continue to do so.  

My desire is to put the patient first, lead him to partner and create Cross Country Wellness. A desire to offer the highest quality products with a focus on the patient and education. “The key is education and removing the stigma of the hemp and cannabis plant.”   

This plant can save a lot of lives and will continue to do so.  

I was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia.  

Graduated from the Catholic University of America in 1989.  

PGA golf professional from 1992 until 2003.

A Cannabis and Hemp advocate since 1984.



Weed Be Better Off:

• Without over 500,000 non-violent drug arrests each year.

• Taking care of our veterans.

• Federally legalizing the cannabis plant.

• Understanding that this plant is medicine.
• Using the cannabis plant to get people off of opiates, heroin, etc.