Jordan Bergsrud

Jordan Bergsrud

Jordan Bergsrud

Activist/Brand Ambassador/Sales Rep–Weed Be Better Off  

Owner/Founder–Cross Country Wellness

2020 & 2021 Las Vegas Cannabis Activist of the Year

Budtender–Top Notch Dispensary

Sales Rep - CannaLean

Sales Rep - Kushco

Jordan Bergsrud is the embodiment of being “immersed in the industry.” It has been a journey with a purpose and passion for Jordan. Or as everyone calls him, J Bird

He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee where he witnessed firsthand the effects of opioids after his father was in a car accident in 2015 and then lost his life to an opioid overdose 6 months later.  

Jordan took a very difficult situation and made it his passion.  

“I realized the impact and benefits of cannabis and CBD and wanted to dedicate my time and knowledge to helping others realize the benefits of this plant.”

“I wanted to be the difference people want to see in the world, by providing the best possible products I could find.”

Jordan’s high energy and passion was rewarded this year as he was named the 2020 AND 2021 Las Vegas Cannabis Activist of the year. In a town of bright lights, no sleep and big names, there are none bigger and more real than J Bird.  

He is the face of Weed Be Better Off , Nevada Cannabis Advocacy, and Cross Country Wellness.


Weed Be Better Off:

• Without over 500,000 non-violent drug arrests each year.

• Taking care of our veterans.

• Federally legalizing the cannabis plant.

• Understanding that this plant is medicine.
• Using the cannabis plant to get people off of opiates, heroin, etc.